Live Agent Transfer from Watson Assistant Web Chat Integrated with SalesForce Service Cloud

Brandy Guillory
3 min readOct 11, 2020


A Familiar Story — A Bad Customer Experience

The day starts out beautiful. Oh no! An issue arises. You dial customer service & fail to get the answers you are looking for. You desperately attempt to connect to a “human”, an “agent” or someone to come to your rescue. The cycle repeats, the frustration increases and the day takes a not-so-beautiful turn. This is an example of bad customer experience and what most organizations hope to improve.

A Bad Customer Experience Improved

Enhance your virtual agent with a pre-built service desk integration that gives your users one more channel of choice(web chat) which is the preferred channel by online users and it makes for a great 24/7 user experience with the ability to transfer to a live agent.


  • There is a virtual agent already in production on an existing channel(mobile app or social media messaging platform(Slack or Facebook Messenger)
  • Your organization utilizes an existing Service Desk e.g. SalesForce ServiceCloud for managing service requests

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  1. Augment your solution by customizing your existing dialog skill & intents:
  • Add to your existing intent list the intent to connect/transfer/request an agent. I exported the intent #General_Connect_to_Agent from the customer care sample skill within Watson Assistant which contains all of the user examples for requesting an agent
  • Add to your existing dialog tree the parent dialog node

2. Stand up your existing virtual agent(Watson Assistant) on your website using the web chat UI within Watson Assistant for an additional channel. You will copy & paste the code from SalesForce below:

3. Creation of a HTML Page to test SalesForce Deployment/Chat Button code

  • ITSM Company Webpage.html




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